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The Gospel According to Stef

When I first came to this church I didn’t believe in God but sometime, over nearly two decades here, I started calling myself a Christian.

I grew up in a working-class and atheist household in Clerkenwell. We never went to the big church over the road. Queenie, my nan, was
lapsed Irish Catholic, while Helen, my mum, was an atheist for political reasons and that’s how she raised me. She still finds it hard to believe we’re part of a church although she respects the strength of this community - community is at the heart of her politics. Politics, in particular socialism, is second nature to me - even as a child I sensed the injustice and unfairness in the world.

My dad split up from my mum when I was about five and as mum had to go out to work,
my sister and I were mainly raised by Queenie, along with her daughter and five sons, my
uncles, who were often in the house...

Taken from the Book "The Gospel according to everyone"  Click here
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