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The Gospel According To Agnes

I think of the polo mint when I think of my lowest moments. For several months a few years back I was so poor that some days all I had to eat was a polo mint. This was after my husband had left me. Our marriage had gone wrong, he had started hitting me, battering me. I remember being on the floor and calling out to him, ‘Please, take your bags and leave us…’

My name is Agnes, by the way, and I have been part of St Luke's since the 1980's. My husband did leave us but that meant we became very poor. I was raising the children on my own and the money ran out. We were living in this flat, here, high up, looking over Holloway. Two beds. The girls share that room, I sleep with my teenage son in this room...

Taken from the Book "The Gospel according to everyone"  Click here
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