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The Gospel According to Sissy

Everyone knows me as Sis or Sissy but actually my name is Florence. That’s what I sign to at the bank. My brothers thought there were
too many Florence’s in the family so, being their sister, they called me Sis and it stuck.

There’s another thing very few people know about me: I helped create the wallpaper for Prince Charles’s bedroom when he was a baby.

Let me start at the beginning, which for me was 1930, when I was born in Marsden Street in Kentish Town. My dad, George, was a foreman in a pencil factory and my mum, Rebecca, was a domestic help. I was the youngest in a family of two sisters and four brothers and until I was four all eight of us lived in two rooms and a scullery...

Taken from the Book "The Gospel according to everyone"  Click here
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