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The Gospel According to Hilary

I was born and raised in Muswell Hill where my family was dysfunctional. My dad imported metals from Africa. My mother bought lots of bottles of gin. Dad was ‘away quite a lot’ - that’s a euphemism - and high up in the Freemasons, dressing up and that kind of thing. Later he had a breakdown. It wasn’t the ideal place to be a child and I escaped to the local Anglican church. I think I was trying to find a reliable family.

That was St James’s in Muswell Hill, they welcomed me, but by 15 I’d decided to become a Baptist. Then I tried out the Catholics, I loved
the smells and bells. My faith was like magic, everything was a sign, telling you what to do. At 17 I was ‘born again’ but then I went to
university and people told me I had to be ‘baptized in the spirit’ and speak in tongues. So I did that too...

Taken from the Book "The Gospel according to everyone"  Click here
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