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The Gospel According To Doreen

Whenever I hear of someone getting married at St Luke’s my mind goes back over fifty years to a freezing cold Boxing Day morning in 1958. It seems like yesterday and I can see myself in my wedding dress walking through those same big old oak doors and down the aisle between the rows and rows of wooden pews towards Vicar Lea who was waiting at the front.

I was born in 1936 but I don’t tell many people my age because people think I’m younger than I am and I like to keep it that way. I was brought up during the war in Beaconsfield Buildings in between the Caledonian Road and York Way, the second of seven children. We were sent along to the Paget Christian Church, just down the Cally Road from where Iceland is. It’s still there...

Taken from the Book "The Gospel according to everyone"  Click here
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