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Faith that Looks Beyond Death
Hebrews 11.13-22

‘Dad, will you walk on ahead just a bit?’

They were going into the middle of town on a Saturday morning. Why would his 14-year-old daughter ask him to walk ahead, rather than beside her as he had been doing?

He meekly obeyed. (Always the best thing to do.) They walked on, some distance apart. After a few minutes she skipped up and rejoined him. Then it came out. Some people she knew from school were walking up the other side of the road. She hadn’t wanted them to think that she was doing something so boring, so old-fashioned, so unbearably uncool, as to walk into town beside a middle-aged man, even if he was her father. She made it up to him handsomely later on. But for a moment she’d been ashamed to be thought of as his child. I remember experiencing something similar myself when our car was the most battered one in the school car park on Parents’ Day and our son had to make a joke of it to his friends to get round the shame of having parents who couldn’t afford a gleaming new machine like everyone else...

Taken from Hebrews for Everyone – by Tom Wright

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