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Nativity Play in 28 parts

Scene 1 Nazareth Mary, Joseph and 3 neighbours

[1] Neighbour 1 Have you heard the news? Everybody has to go to their home town for a census.

[2] Neighbour 2 Where do you come from, Joseph? Bethlehem in Judea, isn’t it?

[3] Neighbour 3 That’s a long journey, especially with Mary expecting a baby.

Mary and Joseph set off on a journey.

Scene 2 Bethlehem Mary, Joseph and 6 Cousins

[4] Cousin 1 Joseph! Welcome to Bethlehem. This must be Mary. Do come in, dear.

[5] Cousin 2 I expect you’ve come for the census. The town is crowded with visitors.

[6] Cousin 3 I don’t know where we are going to put you. Uncle Jacob and Aunt Rebekah are in the guest room.

[7] Cousin 4 You can sleep in the living room with us. We have brought the animals in the back door to keep them safe and keep us warm.

Scene 3 Bethlehem hills 7 Shepherds and Angel


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