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‘Nativity nonsense’ by Andy Evans
A Christmas comedy sketch


Marjory Jacobs: Chairwoman of the meeting. Her calm manner is extremely welcome in a rather tense meeting.

David Hunter: The father of Joey Hunter. His approach to parenthood (spoiling his son rotten) has turned Joey into a little horror, but according to him, his precious son can do no wrong.

Cordelia Smyth: The mother of Gillian and Claudia. She’s a complete snob and feels that only the part of Mary will suit her daughters. She is a stern ‘iron lady’ with a blunt manner and a sharp tongue.

Sid Watson: The father of Troy Watson. He’s regarded by the other parents as being a bit rough, but his son is the nicest kid in the group.

Daisy Lewis: The mother of Susan Lewis. She wears glasses and doesn’t really speak, but she takes the minutes. Like Daisy, Susan is the quiet member of the children’s group, but the leader has noticed her dedication.

Five chairs are arranged in a circle on the stage. Papers are placed face down on each chair (copies of this script so that the sketch can be read out). A church meeting is about to take place. The five attendees walk onto the stage, put their papers on their laps and wait for the meeting to begin…

Marjory Jacobs: Thank you ladies and gentlemen for attending our Advent committee meeting. This evening, we will be discussing our nativity play – and Daisy, as always, will be taking our minutes. (Daisy holds up a pad of paper and pen, and proceeds to write throughout the whole drama) Now, as you know, the children of St Christopher’s in the Marshes have been performing nativities for the past sixty years, but this year, we have decided to give them a script to learn – rather than just miming to the Bible passage as in previous years.

Cordelia Smyth: Here, here. I couldn’t agree more, Marjory...
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