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Listen to the story of how the Master was born…
Mary was getting married to Joseph. (In those days, getting married took many months.)
But before they slept together, she found she was pregnant: it was God’s Breath that did it.
Joseph was a decent, respectable man and he didn’t want the whole town gossiping about
them so he thought he would just have their marriage quietly annulled. While he was
thinking like this, he had a dream where he saw one of God’s messengers telling him not
to be afraid, just take Mary home as his bride because she had done nothing wrong.
It was God’s Breath that did it.
“She’s going to have a son,” said the messenger, “and you will give him the name which
means ‘God Saves’. He’s going to save the people from what they’re doing wrong.”

(It was just like Isaiah the preacher had said in the time of King Hezekiah: “A girl will
become pregnant and will have a son. They’ll give him a name which means ‘God is with

When Joseph woke up from his dream, he did just what the messenger had told him to do.
He took Mary home as his bride, but they didn’t sleep together until her son was born.
And they called him ‘God saves’.


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