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Meditation – The innkeeper’s wife, Bethlehem

My name’s Esther. Job, my husband owns the Traveller’s Rest in Bethlehem. We’ve been run off our feet in recent weeks, haven’t had time to catch my breath. Still we mustn’t complain. It’s good to have a little money put by.

All the extra guests have been due to the census taking place. Who would have thought that David had so many descendents! We were full to bursting when a young couple from Galilee arrived seeking a room. Poor lass, she was just about full term with the baby. When Job told them that we were full, she started to cry and looked as though she would pass out any minute. I had a quick word with him and we decided that they could sleep in the stable. Not ideal, but better than nothing. Besides the young woman didn’t look as if she could walk any further.

They took up our offer and I tried to make the place comfortable for them. We built an alcove out of bales of straw. Joseph, the young man, helped and the promise of a free jug of wine soon got a few regulars to lend a hand. Mary was almost asleep on her feet. I went to get them some hot stew but when I got back Mary was already asleep. Joseph was happy to tuck in.

Later that night, or rather in the early hours, we heard someone banging on the back door. Job went to answer it and then I heard him shout, “Esther! Esther! Come quickly, you’re needed in the stable. I hurried to the door and there was Joseph, white as a sheet. “It’s Mary! I think the baby’s coming! What do I do?” “Help Job to get some water boiling. Oh, and keep out of the way.” I replied.


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