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Christmas - have you ever heard of THREE wise MEN?! Overcomes the problem of too many male parts at Christmas by imagining that there were 3 women instead, correcting our misunderstandings of the magi as to their jobs, gifts, method of travel.

Cas:            Oh no, every year, I really hate it!
Mel            I know, they can never get out bit of the story straight.
Bela            Maybe we should tell them how it really was?
Cas:            Good idea.  I’ll start. Firstly, my name is Cassandra, or Cas, NOT Caspar
Mel            And I’m Melanie, NOT Melchoir
Bela            And I’m called Bela, not Balthasar
Cas            So you can see how you’ve got things wrong right from the beginning!
Bela            I mean, who has ever heard of THREE wise MEN?!!
Mel            And that’s another thing, you’ve remembered 3 names, but there is no way a wise person would travel in such a small group.
Cas            Let me see, there were us 3, plus the camel handlers, plus someone to look after the horses
Bela            Have you tried travelling a long distance on a camel?  most uncomfortable!  They carried all the kit!
Cas            Our favourite cook, a couple of servants, and our students.  So that makes about 20 people, and quite a few camels & donkeys.

Mel            You are right about our education, but you don’t seem to have fully understood all the things that we are interested in; like Medicine & Anatomy & Alchemy
Bela            Philosophy & Religion and the study of different cultures.  I’m a priest too
Cas            Languages, Literature, writing poetry
Mel            Time, the natural world, Science, the oceans
Cas            We acted as political advisors and diplomats, so we were used to travelling
Mel            And of course;

ALL            Astrology & Astronomy!

Mel            You got that bit right, of course!  You couldn’t imagine Christmas cards without that amazing star shining over the stable.
Bela            It was the star that brought us together.  We had seen it being born, way up high in the darkest part of the sky.  And as we watched it, night after night, it grew brighter and even seemed to come closer.
Cas            So I sent a messenger to Mel & Bela, asking what they thought it meant, and how they thought it was happening.
Mel            We sent so many messages backwards & forwards (it would have been much easier with email!), that we decided to meet up.

Continues ...
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