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A wise man

contributor: Lynda Collier


A wise man?

Searching, searching
Always searching
But for what?

For truth.

But what is truth?
Where is it to be found?

For most of my life I had filled my mind with learning -
poring over ancient manuscripts
And scanning the skies for signs,
Looking for answers to questions most people don’t
Even think to ask.

Then one night it appeared -
The star,
A bright burning ball of light
Exploding into the darkness,
And, deep in the recesses of my crowded mind,
Words from ancient Hebrew scripture stirred
Of a promise made and yet to be fulfilled,
Of a child born to be a king.

Some would call me a wise man -
I certainly thought I knew it all -
Where was the wisdom in setting out on a journey
When I didn’t know where I was going
Or how far,
Or what dangers I would face?


Copyright : Lynda M Collier
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