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An Innkeeper explains.

Look I haven’t got much time – I’m very, very busy. That’s the story of my life that is. Busy – always busy. Busy sorting out the inn. Busy making sure the staff do what they’re told. Busy tending to the needs of my guests. I am a busy, busy man. There’s always something else to do, some little job that needs attending to, some minor crisis that’s threatening to blow up into something bigger.
Take this week for example – it’s all very well for the Romans to announce a census, it’s all very well to make people traipse halfway across the country to go back to the town of their birth, but does anybody consult the poor old innkeepers first? Of course they don’t. Now I know what you’re going to say – ‘you should be pleased with the extra custom – it must boost your profits – particularly in an economic downturn.’ And I’d agree with you – really I would. But you don’t have to deal with my teenage son Samuel. He was meant to have been helping me through all of this…


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