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Meditation – 1st Sunday of advent Year B
1 Corinthians: 7-8
Mark 13: 24-37

We cannot imagine the glorious things that lie ahead for us, and even the Bible is sparing in descriptions. There are passages that speak of peace and plenty, safety and an end to sorrow, but these are always written from a human point of view. What is “heaven” to you? You might say a deserted island in the tropics, wonderful music, a lavish feast, the presence of loved ones... We will always use human imagery, because that is all on which we have to draw, and the sum total of our experience. Isaiah’s words (64 v 1-9) alone come close to the reality; we have never heard, nor have we seen, anything to compare with our God and all he can and will do. (Paul quotes and expands on these words in 1st Corinthians 2 v 9, but this is not one of our lectionary readings). Not only does God promise wonderful eternal life, he promises to act on our behalf. Isaiah pleads with him to “rend the heavens and come down ... to make your name known to your enemies ... and to come to the help of those who gladly do right.” (v 1,2 5) The way God acts will be beyond our experience and our imagining...

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