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Stars and Angels

Long, long ago, there was a tiny country called Judea. It was a very ordinary country. And in that country there was a town called Nazareth. It was a very ordinary town. And in that town there lived a girl called Mary. She was a very ordinary girl. Ordinary girls in ordinary towns in ordinary countries don’t normally get to meet angels. And they don’t normally get to have stars announce the birth of their babies. This is the story of how this ordinary girl in an ordinary town in an ordinary country got to play the main part in a very extraordinary event - the birth of God’s son. And it involved angels, and stars - one very special star in particular.

Part 1

The first angel was called Gabriel he came to Mary with an amazing message. ‘Mary’, he said. ‘You’re going to have a baby. He won’t be an ordinary baby. In fact he’ll be the most special baby ever born, because he’ll be God’s son. And God wants you to call him Jesus.’ Mary stood completely still. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t think. She could hardly speak. ‘But…, but…’

‘It’s okay Mary,’ said Gabriel. “God understands. He knows you’re a bit scared. But he reckons you’ll be just right to be the mother of his son.’

Mary gulped. Mary blinked. Mary thought for a moment. Then she said - ‘Okay, yes. If that’s what God wants (because she’d always tried to do what she thought God wanted). I’ll be Jesus’ mother.’

‘Great,’ said Gabriel. ‘That’s settled then.’ And he turned to leave. ‘Oh, by the way,’ he said, ‘your cousin Elizabeth is going to have a baby too.’

‘But,’ said Mary, she’s too old to have a baby.’ ‘Yes,’ said Gabriel, and you’re too young. But that’s what’s happening. Nothing is impossible for God.’ And the he left.


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