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Why We Were Waiting

A Monologue based on Luke 2:8-20

Jonathan one of two shepherd-boys left in charge of the sheep on the hillside whilst the
other shepherds went to Bethlehem recalls his memories of the event.

Presentation: It can be performed in “nativity play garb” complete with tea
towel on the head and shepherds crook.

Alternatively, simply read it from a lectern, or even off-stage so
the monologue is a disembodied voice. (You may want to project a
suitable image)

Hello, my name is Jonathan. I am a shepherd-boy on the hills of Judea, outside
Bethlehem. I was born in Bethany, and shepherding runs in my family. My
Grandad Sam, Uncle Levi, Uncle Dan and my Dad are all shepherds.

I have been living on these hills with the sheep for nearly 3 years. Dad says I’m
still not old enough to look after them on my own, but I nearly have. It was that
night when the angels came.

We had had a good day. We found water at the spring at the top of deep valley,
and there was some good grazing nearby so we had stopped for the night. It
was a beautiful sunset I remember, I sat and watched the sun slide away
behind the hills until it had completely gone.

It was a clear night, the stars were twinkling in the sky, and we needed the fire
to keep us warm. I think the cold was the reason it took me a while to get to
sleep. Then, what felt like 5 minutes later I was awake again!

I had never heard anything like it before, a strange kind of singing that was just
carried on the air. Suddenly it was all around us. And the light! We always keep
a fire burning through the night, for safety as well as warmth and something to
see by. This light was the brightest I have ever seen, different to anything I am
used to.


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© Sense of Worship (2014)

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