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FOR A CHRISTINGLE SERVICE -The Two Jaffa’s – Sketch by John Hill

Two Jaffa Oranges are chatting on a market stall. As Christmas approaches, one of the Jaffa’s hopes he/she will be going to a Christingle service.

Costumes- Two Circular shapes resembling an orange are fitted around each actor’s face. (You can be as creative as you wish.)

Juicy Jaffa, and Jaffa Peel, begin a conversation; they have been placed with other Jaffa’s on a local market stall.

Juicy Jaffa –It’s quite cold today isn’t it?

Jaffa Peel – Especially having to sit in this cardboard box on a market stall.

Juicy Jaffa – I know we have been here for hours, I wish somebody would buy us.

Jaffa Peel - I think somebody will, before too long, after all it’s not long to Christmas now, only a few days to go.

Juicy Jaffa - Fancy it has come round quickly.

Jaffa Peel - Which reminds me it’ll soon be the Christingle service.

Juicy Jaffa - You are right.

Jaffa Peel - I would like to go to it this year.

Juicy Jaffa - You would ?

Jaffa Peel - Yes.

Juicy Jaffa - Oh I’m not that bothered.

Jaffa Peel - Well I heard from my relatives the mandarins, they enjoyed it last year, and they managed to sit in the front row, were given a smart red ribbon to wear and balanced a candle on their head as well as holding on to four sticks loaded with tasty sweets. They said there were lots of oranges. When they were all handed out with candles on their heads, the candles were lit.It was an amazing sight.


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