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Harry, Ron & Hermione
Dumbledore Voldemort (wearing mask and black clerical cape carrying snake – draught excluder from west porch)
Dumbledore & Voldemort on radio mikes. Others use stand mikes.

Scene 1
Dumbledore’s study (Globe on table) Dumbledore looking at globe.
Harry, Ron & Hermione knock on door
Dumbledore: Ah, there you are. Come in. I’ve something important to tell you. He who must not be named is on the move and there is only one thing that can stop him.
Ron: Spiderman? (all look askance at Ron) Oh, sorry, wrong film.
Hermione: Is it the Horcruxes?
Dumbledore: No, something even more powerful than that. It is a special candle that shines with an amazing light. A powerful light that can overcome all evil and will never be put out.
Harry: Wow, amazing! What is it called?
Dumbledore: It’s called a Christingle. It carries an ancient power, but a power just as strong today as it ever was. The power of a life freely given in sacrifice. (gives quick rundown of Christingle?)
Ron: Cool!
Dumbledore: But be aware. He who must not be named…
Harry: You mean Voldemort
Dumbledore: I said, he who must not be named is after it. If he can get hold of the Christingle and blow the candle out nothing will be able to stop him. I’m asking you three to find it before he does. What must you not let him do?
All three: Blow the candle out.
Dumbledore: That’s right. (to congregation) Will you keep reminding them? What mustn’t they let him do?
Congregation: Blow the candle out!
Dumbledore: Off you go now and be careful! (scary music)

Scene 2 somewhere in Hogwarts. A stuffed owl would be good! On a table stands a lit Christingle (with special birthday candle inside a larger candle)
Enter Voldemort laughing evilly

Continues ...
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