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Prayer: When we are swept along

When we are swept along by doubts and disbelief swirling around us,
like the wind attempting to carry us with irresistible power:
when we find it difficult to stand against public opinion:
when we feel the whole world is against us:
when we are in a state of total despair –
God be with us.


©Marjorie Dobson

When we feel that the ground has shaken beneath our feet

as a catastrophic event disrupts our lives and future:

when cracks have appeared in the foundations of our faith:

when relationships and trust have been broken:

when all sense of stability has left us –

God be with us.

When anger and aggression fire enmity and hostility at us,

even though we are only doing what we believe to be right:

when the desire for revenge becomes a tempting option:

when arguments become heated and tempers boil:

when we are in danger of losing control –

God be with us.

Help us to find that quiet space where we can think.

Help us to find the reasoning to understand our own emotions.

Help us to find the ability to reflect.

Help us to find the time to listen.

Help us to hear your gentle whisper of reassurance.

Help us to turn back to life again,

renewed and refreshed by your grace, mercy and understanding.

God be with us.

©Marjorie Dobson


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