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A dramatised meditation on God's apparent absence at times of disaster or rejection, inspired by Elijah in the desert.

First used soon after 2004 tsunami. Would fit well in worship where 1 Kings 19 is key reading.

Requires 3 actors, best with 2 Male, 1 Female. Powerful images so needs competent and rehearsed actors. Short piece of music (local choice) needed at end.

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A Do you sometimes find faith hard?  Do you wish you were like the prophets and saints of old – powered by the Spirit to stand without fear or doubt?  Then hear my story.
I had triumphed:
– risking my life to stand for the truth,  
– defying the prophets of fashionable nonsense.   
And I had seen the power of God at work
– turning the fat of corruption to ashes,  
– refreshing the thirsty land.
And it was then that the nightmare began…
B Run you fool.  
C Now – they are coming for you.
B Donʼt think God will protect you.
C Heʼs got other things to think about now.
A So I ran
– for days and nights;
– away from city where I could trust no-one,  
– into the desert of my mind
– clutching at glimpses of angels.
B All nonsense.  These are illusions.
C You are lost.  There is no way back.
A I came at last to the holy place where they say God is to be found.
B Hide yourself – how dare you stand here?
C Turn from the burning emptiness, into the echoing cave.
A I called on God to prove He was there for me: and then the nightmare filled with noise.

continues ...

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