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Jacob and Esau - Two Brothers  (2)

Bible ref: Genesis 27

(The four children chosen to act out the roles stand at the front and mime as the story is being told.)
Some people want to win, or to get something so badly, that they cheat. That’s what happened in today’s story, a story that happened a very long time ago. There were two brothers, Esau and Jacob, in fact they’re twins. Their Mum and Dad were Rebecca and Isaac.

(If time allows, ask if there are any twins in school, and which one is older. The point about twins sharing the same birthday, but one being a bit older than the other may need explaining to Infants.)

In this family, Esau was born first and, in those days, that meant that when his Dad Isaac died all his money and everything he owned would go to Esau. Isaac liked Esau best because he was big, strong, and good at hunting, he was also very hairy. (Ask Esau to move to stand close to Isaac). Rebecca liked Jacob best because he helped her do a lot of jobs at home. (Jacob stands beside Rebecca.) ...

Created by Christian Assemblies Team for Schools, Wellingborough
Edited by twelvebaskets
This is one of the assemblies in a series based on the use of numbers in the Bible. To view others search for CATNB in the written section.

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