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Meditation – 1st Sunday in Ordinary Time Yr B
Genesis 1: 1-5
Psalm 29
Acts 19: 1-7
Mark 1: 4-11

There is no getting away from the Holy Spirit in the readings for today. He is there at the beginning of the creation, brooding over the waters, bringing light from darkness, day from night. It is His voice that unleashes immense power over the earth, draws worship from his people and blesses them with peace, as described by the Psalmist.  John the Baptist foresaw at the beginning of his ministry, that “One more powerful” was coming who would baptise with the Holy Spirit, and when this One himself submitted to baptism, John witnessed the Holy Spirit descending like a dove upon him. Finally, in the book of Acts we encounter a group of believers who, having received the baptism of John, are re-baptised into the name of Jesus so that the Holy Spirit comes upon them and they speak in tongues, and prophesy...

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