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This is an intercessory prayer I wrote for an all age service but could be used anywhere, in fact it would work well in a nursing home as well because of the tactile sensation of the dough. You can either make your own dough or use store bought play dough but make sure it smells because this is a multisensory prayer.

As we take the dough in remembering the way that God works in and through us. Let us think of the image of God as a baker, kneading and shaping the dough until it is ready to be baked and changed, to become something new and life giving.
As we mould and shape the dough let us also think of God as that master craftsman. Shaping the clay, moulding it and making into something useful which will serve others. And so we pray.
Feel the texture of the dough in your hand. Roll it around until you have a sphere.  
(Pause to allow time for people to shape the dough) 
Lord we pray for the needs of the world, for people and nations suffering or at war. We pray especially for the work of the IF campaign as it lobbies governments around the world to remember that you Lord God gave us a world of abundance with enough for everyone IF only we were to share it.


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