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Christmas story from the Radiant Times.

Here is the story of Christmas based on the gospel of Matthew Luke and the Radiant Times! See how many television programmes you can spot. (Be warned this easily gets dated! Check the programmes are still current – or add in some new ones!)

So - What’s the story in Ballamory? Or if you’re my age, Jackanory! Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin!

The story begins with a girl called Mary. She had been visited by an angel – not Angelina Ballerina but Angel Gabriel. Gabriel told her that God had chosen her to have a very special baby. Mary wasn’t too sure, she gave her fiancé Joseph some 4thoughttv what would he say? She needed to think, but she loved God with every Heartbeat– and to say no to God would be Pointless. Gabriel pushed the point – ‘Deal or no deal?’ he asked. ‘Time to put your money where your mouth is!’ ‘OK! Deal!’ she said and started to sing her ‘Songs of Praise’.


Meryl White Dec 2012.

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