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CHRISTMAS DAY Sprouts Sketch - by John Hill

Could be used either leading up to Christmas or as part of a Christmas day service

Theme – Wrong Assumptions

Characters Boastful sprout and Spotty sprout

Boastful sprout - is in pristine condition, good fairly large round shape, with bright green pristine leaves.

Spotty sprout - is dishevelled looking quite small with some brown outer leaves showing.

Setting - Two brussel sprouts chatting.Using two homemade puppets to resemble the brussels .(made from green paper or green material.) This of course is not necessary, if they prove difficult to make, as the sketch can still be performed without them.

Boastful – Good morning spotty, I am surprised to see you’ve made it to Christmas day.

Spotty – You have to.

Boastful- Well you know it’s my upbringing I was brought up on Lord Buckleby’s estate, where he has a vast vegetable garden, whilst you were brought up, further down the road in somebody’s back garden.

Spotty – I know but I was happy there, they did the best for me on the limited piece of ground and vegetable plot they had.

Boastful – As I say where I grew up not only was it a large garden, it was looked after, we were all planted in neat rows and we all flourished.

Spotty – At least in the garden I grew up in, they did the best they could for me .It was quite sheltered.Even if we were not planted in neat rows.

Boastful - I thought so.


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