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Not Shakespeare's 'Seven ages of man', but a means of presenting the seven deadly sins in a catchy way.


The Seven Stages of Sin
Jonathan A Sharp
(after Wm. Shakespeare)

All the world's debased,
and all the men and women merely failures;
Oh, they all have their best bits and their defences,
but each one in his own time tastes many tarts,
his crimes being seven vices. At first the infant,
glued with gluttony to globe, limpet-suckered to mother's breast;
then the whinging schoolchild, with his dust bag,
wild of hair and grubby-faced, slinking sloth-like
grungingly to class. And then the lover, panting like stallion,
with hot-breathed urges lusting at his mistress' legs.
Then a social climber, green of eye, gold of card,
jealous of Joneses, sudden and quick to purchase,
keeping up appearance ev'n as his credit falls.
And then the content, ...


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