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4 devotional meditations on major Lenten images: wine, coins, dice, bread.


A series of reflective devotions each of which takes a significant traditional Lenten image - wine, coins, dice, bread - and meditates upon it?

Wine Press

It is the Last Supper and Jesus recalls the journey from baptism in Jordan. The unspoken phrase, 'Are you able to drink the cup that I drink?' hangs heavy in the air?

This devotional meditation suited particularly to Maundy Thursday but to the whole of Lent and any occasion focusing on the cost of discipleship?

He pushed me down in baptism stream
Kneeling where other knees had been
Not seeing what their eyes had not seen
I kept the lids closed tight

Down on my shoulders firm hands pressed
Fresh waters surged around to bless
Bathing, buffing in cold caress
Nothing felt so right.

He raised me, eyed me, showed me the shore
But I leaned back to the stream once more
And cupped my hands to mouth to pour
A fountain of delight.

On down the road by milestones marked
Climbed outside steps to room half dark
Where oil lamp flame made shadow stark
Of chalice on smooth wood.

And from the wine skin fresh did flow
A hallowed draught of crimson glow
The image struck me like a blow -
A skin was pouring blood

And by strange design or on a whim
The server filled from base to brim
A cup that spilt forth o'er the brink
And spread across the wood

At first, at start, I cupped my hands
To toast my new life, fresh, sublime,
And now, at last, come cup in hand
To taste the proffered crimson wine?

In for a Penny

Judas reflects on the wages of sin

The question of cost never entered my head
It was enough to be able to eat daily bread
With new friends to share it
Companions to dare with
Adventurous quest to boost my street cred

The subject of pay wasn't part of the deal
I was entranced: he could teach, preach and heal!
It wouldn't make sense
To talk shekels and pence
With one who stored treasure that rust couldn't eat

The issue of taxes came out of the blue
He was given a coin and asked what to do
'To pay's no surrender,
So to Caesar you'll render
But make sure that you give God his due!'

The matter of profit was never discussed
He'd no ear for advice, he did as he must
He worked till it hurt
Was tret worse than dirt
I resolved that he'd get what was just

The publicity business wasn't his scene
He considered the media an evil machine
But I knew that knowledge
If used to advantage
Would stir him to change their regime

So, in for a penny and in for a pound,
I've sold them directions to where he'll be found
These few silver pieces
Will out the shy Jesus
To cosmic acclaim he's now bound

See! The Temple with smoke shrouded courts
And lambs standing silent for sacrifice bought
Silver coin crosses palm
To pay off sin's dread harm

Continues ...

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