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The Man Must Die

Monologue based on Caiaphas

Matthew 21: 12-16; 26: 1-5:
Mark 11: 15-18;
Luke 19: 45-48;
John 2: 13-21; 18: 12- 14

The man must die. He is worse than that madman in
the desert that Herod disposed of a few years ago.
John the Baptizer... We breathed a sigh of relief when
he “disappeared”... Then this Galilean started stirring
up trouble, I almost believed that the Baptizer had risen
from the dead... Apparently they are cousins... Well,
that explains it... We all know that madness runs in
families. But if we do not act quickly the whole nation
may run mad. He may not seem mad... He talks of
loving God and loving others... If only it were that...
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