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It has nothing to do with me...

Monologue based on Pontius Pilate

Matthew 27: 11-26;
Mark 15: 1-15;
Luke 23: 1-25;
John 18: 28 – 19: 16

It has nothing to do with me... It is a Jewish matter...
Nothing to do with Rome. If I had my way I would
have left them to it. Another spat between religious
fanatics. So what if he claims to be the son of this
Jewish god? What difference does that make?
Sons of god are two a penny in the lunatic asylum...
We’ve even had one or two on the throne of Rome...
Sons of god, that is, not lunatics... Though some
might say... No!! Don’t quote me on that. I’m in trouble
enough as it is. I can’t afford another letter of complaint
going to Caesar. That’s why I finally decided to try...
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