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A Meditation John Hill

Where is heaven? It undoubtedly is a question which has confounded intrigued, fascinated people for centuries. There have been several theories put forward as to where it might be, but no one has convincingly proved where it is. Which leaves the question unanswered for further ideas explanations to be proffered. Various assertions have been made as to where it might be, some may be accurate, and some only conjecture .It has been said that where God is that is where Heaven is. This is a most logical conclusion, but if you extrapolate that idea further, then it could well be a place, another planet, out in the universe another galaxy described as heaven, the heavenly bodies out in the universe is a term used for the stars and planets in the universe. May be heaven is another universe? Or a spiritual state of being, in a totally fresh dimension. Jesus referred to heaven, several times and promised to all believers when he left the earth ‘that he was going to prepare a place in heaven for when that time comes.’ Jesus would know where heaven was before he said farewell to his disciples. He didn’t set off on a train, a boat or a plane, but he was transported by means which could only be described as divine power, not of this world but of a heavenly world, on the day of his ascension, perhaps on the day of his ascension Jesus ’earthly body was somewhat different, prepared, for the heavenly environment he was returning to.



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