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On the dais is a stark cross made from 8x2 planks (or similar) made into a cross. Caiaphas will look out under the arm of it as through a window at one point. He comes close to it constantly to see though the window, but without being seen himself, what is happening in the street below. The cross bar will need to be about 6 feet up at the lover edge. This is a big cross.
Caiaphas – bursts into the church, shouting for his servant Simeon. Simeon appears but is never seen. Caiaphas has a robe – highly coloured, fine and grand. He carries a newspaper.

Simeon – Simeon
Where in the name of the most High are you,
Are there you are – at last

What is all this noise about
All this fuss – who is this Jesus?
What are they saying – shh shh listen,

Hosanna to the Son of David!
Look at him, bare headed, simple robe....
Dam him - Sabbath breaker
they wave at him, sing to him
but they do not recognise me, fete me –
are they not impressed by my impressive robes and hat.
No they spit and turn away.
Oh go away Simeon, much help you are.

Look at today’s papers – look at them!
He’s mightly clever with words:
Taxes with Rome
Whose image on the coin?
Give to Ceasar... Give to Yahweh...
Who is this man’s neighbour...
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