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Mark For Everyone

MARK 2.13–17
The Calling of Levi...

...There are some jobs where you need a particularly thick skin. In many modern Western countries, one of the worst is being a parking attendant or traffic warden. All day long it’s your job to give people parking tickets, to fine them for leaving cars where they shouldn’t. Over and over again angry motorists complain that it isn’t fair, that they were only there for a couple of minutes, that the attendant is picking on them. I wonder what it feels like, day after day, to be shouted at for doing your job.
Suppose the parking attendant was working for a government
you hated and wanted to get rid of. Suppose the parking laws had been introduced quite recently and people who’d parked their cars in the same spot for years suddenly found them- selves fined for doing it. Pity the attendant in that situation.

Now put yourself in the shoes of Levi, son of Alphaeus. What was he doing collecting tolls at Capernaum? Who was he working for...

Taken from Mark for Everyone by Tom Wright

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