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On the Relationship between Worship and Sermon
Psalm 81

We went to the first regular seminary chapel service of the quarter yesterday, and there was lots of resounding singing, (tuneful) shouting, and melodious guitar and piano (equivalent to the harp?). There were no horns this time, but I expect they will feature next week. The service was followed by a sermon that happened to be based on the story in Exodus 17 about the confrontation between the Israelites and Moses and God, to which Psalm 81 refers. In the United States it is common for worship services to comprise a simple liturgical sequence of (a) a lot of music and singing and (b) a sermon. As someone from the Church of England, I still find it a bit plain and basic, though at least it is consistent with the nature of a sandwich in the United States (a huge amount of bread wrapped around a huge amount of meat)...

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