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HARVEST FESTIVAL – sketch by John Hill

*Setting -Two vegetables meet at a Harvest Festival for the first time and converse with one another.
Costume – To resemble a cabbage and a potato, head gear made out of cardboard/ paper to surround the actors’ face.
Characters:- Speckled potato, and Hearty cabbage.*

Speckled potato – Hello ! I am speckled potato.

Hearty cabbage - Oh! Hello, I am Hearty cabbage.

Speckled potato – I expect you are here for the same reason as me.

Hearty cabbage - Yes.

Speckled potato – A Harvest Festival service.

Hearty cabbage - That’s right.

Speckled potato – This is my first time, I have never been to one before

Hearty cabbage - Me to.

Speckled potato – Who’s that sitting next to you.

Hearty cabbage – The Braeburns,

Speckled potato – They look healthy, with their bright rosy red cheeks.

Hearty cabbage - I know they always tend to blush.Who is that over there in the corner.

Speckled potato – It’s the Swedes, I can’t understand them, next to them is the Parsley’s.

Hearty cabbage – They’ve got lovely green curly hair,

Speckled potato –It’s natural too.Any way it was a bit of a shock this morning

Hearty cabbage – Why?


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