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For social events, and using props. Just for fun!

Set to the tune of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ this mad-cap ditty has proved a bit of harmless fun on various Christmas social occasions. The items mentioned should be available to the singer/s so that they may be distributed at the appropriate moment – as visibly as possible – amongst the audience. Do encourage the audience to join in, especially for “FIVE GO-OLD BARS!!”
If you really wanted to you could make a serious point about the value of modern day Christmas presents and naff decorations in relation to the value of the first Christmas Presence and the aesthetic beauty of the stable…

On the first day of Christmas our fam’ly brought to us:                         

An artificial Christmas Tree   (a small tinselly one)
on the second day                  two tinsel strands and…   (the threadbare the better)
on the third day                      three royal crowns            (
paper ones from crackers)
on the fourth day                    four cans of lager              (
on the fifth day                        five Gold Bars                    (
wrapped chocolate biscuits)
on the sixth day                      six shiny baubles                (
dull Christmas Tree baubles)

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