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A Love Song of The Annunciations (Mary 'Luke 2: 26-38; Joseph 'Matthew 1: 18-25)

This song (or poem), for a woman and a man, images Mary and Joseph struggling to come to terms with the news from heaven granted them in dreams by angels.
The couple begins the piece on opposite sides of the space but move to the centre for the duetted culmination.
Set to the familiar music of Don McLean's song, "And I love you so", available as standard in many sheet music collections, this piece is suitable both for worship and other occasions in the Advent and Christmas season.

Note:  If singers aren’t available, or if in the context it is preferred, this may become, with rehearsal, a spoken dialogue…

Also available as an MP3 download - Click Here


If I could only say
The news I heard today
But how can I explain
A baby on the way?

He wouldn’t understand
He’d think it just a dream
But, O, how real you seem
So quick beneath my hand

And, yes, I know
He says his love is true
But when he hears of you
I’m afraid he’ll want to go

But, yet, I must
Have faith that he’ll believe
Now that you’re conceived in me


If I could only tell
If things will turn out right
The dream I had last night
Could mean heaven, could be hell

She wouldn’t understand
How a child is on his way
But, O, how to convey
What God not I had planned

And, yes, I know
She says her love is true
But when she hears this news
I’m afraid she’ll want to go

But, yet, I must
Have faith that she’ll agree
To trust in God and me


And I love you so,
But please just hear me out,
Please don’t cry or shout – 
There’s something you must know

continues ...
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