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The Darkness deepens

Cast - Narrator, Peter, Torch Carrier 1, Torch Carrier 2, Torch Carrier 3
A camp fire. 3 people with torches stand behind it.
Person playing Peter stands in the crowd with a torch and begins to move towards fire as narrator

Narrator - Tonight feels colder than it should. A darkness prevails and shadows seem deeper and
fuller than they ought. Peter stumbles through the city streets his heart full of pain and a bitter taste
in his mouth that he can't dislodge. Chills run in waves through his body as he follows those who
have taken The Master. Keeping in shadows, not being being seen. Never standing out from the
crowd. He could have been anyone. They stop in a courtyard and light a fire. The flames look
warm and inviting. A conversation starts but the words drift away into the air of the city night. Peter
moves closer the firelight showing his face.

Torch Carrier 1 - You…. You over there. I know your face. You were with the one called Jesus. I
saw you talking with him earlier today.

Peter - You must be mistaken woman, I don't know him.

Narrator - A pang of guilt plays on Peters mind. But what good would it do if he told them who he
was now? Better to wait, to sit and listen. Better not to give himself away just yet.

All except Peter - A light goes out, the darkness deepens.

(TC1 extinguishes their torch)


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