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A meditation how we recognise Jesus in our lives

Luke 24. 13-35 ‘Recognizing Jesus.’
So how do you recognize Jesus? Is it something in his walk, his voice, the way he holds himself? Is it the things he says? The things he doesn’t say?
I mean that’s what we’re meant to do as Christians isn’t it? Recognize Jesus. Work out where he is, what he wants us to do and follow it. And there are some people who would have you believe that’s a simple thing to do. At least it seems to be simple for them. Jesus is always telling them things. ‘The Lord has spoken to me’ they say as though it’s the most ordinary thing in the world. And then they plough on and it’s not possible to have any questions or doubts because then you would be standing in the way of what God wants – and who wants to do that?


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