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Intercessory Prayer to Our Creator God. 
Let us pray,

Ever loving God, we come in to your presence,

With praise and thanksgiving for all that you have done and continue to do, in the world in our communities, and in ourselves.

We rejoice at the wonder of your creation of the interaction of nature, between, different landscapes, between mountains and valleys, fields and meadows, seas and streams, birds, insects and animals. All in their own way praising and giving thanks for being part of all that you have made, between the great panoply of earth and heaven.

So, we turn to you captivated, intrigued, knowing it is you God, who we need to bring our concerns our worries, about the world, the environment, the people who are suffering in areas of war and conflict, those who are unwell and struggling day to day, those throughout the world in our own country communities and families affected by the coronavirus outbreak, all those who have died and their bereaved families. The outstanding heroic, efforts of frontline staff in the NHS, social services, volunteers helping to assist the vulnerable and elderly. All key workers ,helping to maintain essential services,and businesses using innovative ways to help in this crisis. We are seeing wonderful selfless acts of kindness and help expressed to neighbours and strangers within our communities.
We pray for……….. …… our own church and community.
May each one be surrounded and uplifted by your healing presence.
We bring to you also our own particular needs, whatever they may be reassured that you already know what they are, before we even ask, constantly strengthening and renewing us each day.

We bring all our prayers in faith and confidence, knowing inwardly. You are the true source of our being and creation. Amen

John Hill


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