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Poem: New things

When there are far more days behind us
than there can possibly be in front of us,
there is a tendency to want to look back
to the safety of the known
and to leave the unknown future
as a mystery.

God’s pilgrim people
have often faltered
as they faced the challenge
of new horizons...


unfamiliar people

and the prospect of adapting

to a different way of living.

Yet the God who calls us to follow him

also urges us not to cling to the past.

We learn from it,

but must not be bound by it.

Our pilgrim God moves on

to newness and renewal,

constantly pushing the boundaries of our faith,

as we are directed into different ways

of showing the care and compassion

that is at the core of our commitment.

It is a life-long journey.

©Marjorie Dobson
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