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A Meditation John Hill

The Spirit of God is enlivening, life giving and creative, imaginative soul stirring, accompanying, directing guiding. The Spirit hovered over the waters in creation. The Spirit within, has power. It has been described at Pentecost as having the elements of wind and fire. The source coming from God. Pentecostal fire is unlike the fire we associate with consuming and burning objects. This fire if uncontrolled can be destructive. The fire of the Spirit is linked to warmth, and possessing empowering qualities but not destructive ones. We are told the Spirit appeared like tongues of flame flickering above the apostle’s heads, yet they remained uninjured. Therefore the form in which the Spirit appeared was composed of different elements from the fires we have seen and know. The fire Moses saw referred to as the burning bush, from which Moses is said to have heard God speaking to him, from within it, which looked like it was burning, but the flames did not destroy the bush. God’s Spiritual fire, never fades can never be extinguished; it is unlike any ordinary flame we know.


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