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Out of the heart – a bible meditation based on Matthew 15:10–28

This is a Bible meditation for three readers- the narrator, and readers A and B.

It reflects on the story of the Canaanite woman’s encounter with Jesus in the light of his teaching in the previous verses.

It considers how the words that are spoken by the characters in the story may reflect what is going on in their hearts.

This can be read as outlined below. It would also work well using the congregation’s usual Bible version as the framework for the thoughts.

Be sure to pause between sections to allow for refelction.

Out of the heart:

A&B: Jesus said that the words that are spoken reflect what is on the heart.

Narrator: A woman, who was not of Jesus tribe, found where Jesus was and cried out to him, “Lord, Son of David, help me. My daughter is terribly ill with demon-possession.”

A: Words of recognition showed a respectful heart.
B: Pleading words showed a bleeding heart.
A: Words of advocacy - a caring heart.

Narrator: Jesus did not reply. His disciples approached him begged him to send her away because she kept crying out.

A &B: Tired responses from weary hearts.
B: Indignant words from self righteous hearts.
A: Dismissive words from closed hearts.

B: Uncomfortable words from – embarrassed hearts.

Narrator: Jesus told his disciples that he was only sent to the ‘Lost sheep of Israel’.

A: Words of tradition – a trained heart and mind.

B: Words of consideration – a heart of learning.
A: Words of mission – a focused heart.

Narrator: The woman knelt in front of Jesus. ‘Lord, please help me,’ she said.


Meryl White

August 2014

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