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One link in a Chain of Command

Monologue for Holy Week and Good Friday

Matthew 8: 5-13; 27: 54;
Mark 15: 39;
Luke 7: 1-10;
Luke 23: 47

I’m just one link in a chain of command… I receive orders
and I give them… My name is Marcus Antoninus Proclus,
senior centurion of the Tenth Legion of the Imperial Army
of Rome. Normally I would never order anyone else to do
something I was not prepared to do myself… So I would
usually strike the first blow. But not today… By the time
he was delivered to me on the execution ground, he was
exhausted… The soldiers had had to press gang someone
else to carry his cross piece or he would probably have
died on the road… And he was a mess… They usually are…
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