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Moonlight over Birchwood is a descriptive poem about an actual event of driving along Birchwood way and following the moon with my eyes as my husband drove. The moon appeared to travel along with us as it were some times disappearing from view then appearing again above the trees. By Audrey Hogan

Also in the same document  'The Full Moon Rides High' another poem by Audrey Hogan

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Moon light over Birchwood  By Audrey Hogan

We saw the moon,
Large, round, and white faced,
Smudge like shadows,
Creating the illusion of a mans face,
The man in the moon, we used to say,
Riding high over Birchwood Express way,
As we drove home at the end of the day,
It seemed to float in the grey sky, Rising then setting,
As we rose and fell on the hills and slopes,



We saw the moon full blown and large,
Riding across the sky ahead of us,
Then as we changed direction it followed along side,
Majestically rising and appearing to fall,
As our car rose on the high ground then the moon was high too,
Then appearing to follow us as we journeyed on,
Some times high then slipping behind tall trees,


Audrey has painted a picture that accompanies the poem 'Moon light over Birchwood' - Click Here

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