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HE IS RISEN Easter Day

A Meditation John Hill

Probably the three most important dynamic words ever spoken, since the world began and for all time, not because they are eloquently said, or of a literary genre rated as being of such superlative quality or elegance, or because they stand out above all other spoken or literary pieces. Commendable not because they are of merit, worthy of belonging to the Pulitzer prize for literature awards. Neither because they express some deep clever formulae, or complicated theory. Yet these are mind –blowing astounding words, the simplicity of them, makes them all the more compelling. For it is the meaning behind them, which is so life changing, hope giving, reassuring, reaffirming. Faith restoring, faith growing, future conversion possibilities. New outlook on life, its purpose and even more fulfilling meaning to this life and beyond. The three words being ‘He is risen,’ not ‘He may be risen,’ ‘He may be alive,’ He may still be dead’ ‘He may have disappeared.’


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