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Dealing with Ambition
NUMBERS 16: 1-17: 13

I am amazed that anyone seeks a position of leadership. We once had a new principal come to the seminary where I taught in England who unveiled his detailed and carefully thought-out vision for its future. The faculty took one look and said, “Not so much,” and the next few years were a struggle as we sought to live together in a Christian fashion and discover how we could work toward a future. Then I myself became the principal, and I had to deal not with this problem but with other issues. In light of the amazement I just mentioned, you might wonder how I came to be principal, but it seemed a good idea at the time, and for much of the period I enjoyed being in that position. I myself enjoyed being able to pursue my own vision, but I was glad to give up the position to come to California with no responsibility but enthusing people about the Old Testament. Here, when I see the president or the provost or the dean going off to face some issue or solve some problem, I can say, “That used to be me, and now it isn’t.”...

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