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Drama based on a TV programme that retells the parable of the two housebuilders.

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Cast: Presenter
First housebuilder ('One')
Second housebuilder ('Two')

2 housebuilders stand to R and L of dais respectively.

Presenter Welcome to today's edition of 'Grand Designs'. In today's programme I'm talking to two people who have built their houses following very different architectural principles. It should make for an interesting programme.

Goes up to first housebuilder.

Presenter Hello, how are you doing. It's good to see you.
One Hi there, I'm good, thank you.
Presenter Now tell me, what's special about your house. You've gone for a very specific approach, haven't you.
One Yes. I wanted to make sure that the house was securely founded and safe, so I've built it on a very hard geological stratum with good solid foundations.
Presenter That must have been pretty tricky, mustn't it, drilling into this very hard rock.
One Well, it wasn't easy, and took a long time, but I think it will be well worth it. I don't need to worry about keeping out the elements. Whatever the British climate throws at us, and it can get pretty wild out here, we'll be OK.
Presenter That's great. Now, show me around the house.
One This is the main living space. As you'll see, we've gone for a fruit theme.
Presenter Yes, I really like this. There's a real joy to it, isn't there, with touches of patience and kindness. It has a very peaceful feel. And the uniting feature is the running element of love. It's really great, isn't it, really attractive. How do you find it to live in?
One It's wonderful. And we find other people enjoy coming here and being part of it.
Presenter You were talking about how good the house is at dealing with extremes of climate. Have you had much bad weather since you moved in?
One Yes, we had one really bad storm. It lashed down with rain and the wind was unbelievable. It was really scary.
Presenter And how did the house cope?
One It was absolutely fine. No damage at all and not one drop of water got in.
Presenter That's fantastic. You must be very pleased. Thank you so much for showing us round and I hope you continue to enjoy your wonderful house.
One It's a pleasure.

Presenter goes over to second housebuilder.

Presenter Now for a house built on totally different principles. Let's go and have a look. (looks up at sky) I don't like the look of the weather much. Looks like a storm's brewing.
(To Two) Hi, there, how're you doing.

Continues ....

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