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A reflection on the story of Bartimeaus and the first thing he saw - the triumphal entry to Jerusalem.

After and introduction to the story, the author attempts to consider the events leading up to Jesus triumphal entry to Jerusalem through the eyes of a blind beggar. It ponders on what Bartimeaus may have heard as he sat by the roadside and what he saw, despite his blindness, which others may have missed.

Blindingly obvious! (Story based on Mark 10: 46–52 and Luke 2: 41–52)
My mates said he can’t have been one of the brightest Rabbi’s! He had asked me, ‘What do you want?’ They thought it was blindingly obvious – if you’ll pardon the pun. What else would a blind man want from a healer but to see – they asked – but it was them that couldn’t see it. The beauty of begging is  that you’re invisible! No-one really sees you – but you can see (well sense) everything.  It’s like being a fly on the wall.
I’d sat just outside Jericho’s city gate, on the road to Jerusalem, for more years than I care to remember. Jericho is a cross roads, a meeting of the ways. Lots of traders, travellers and pilgrims come by this way. You get to know a lot of what’s going on.


Meryl White March 2013

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