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Naaman was an important man - but how will he react to his own need for healing and the words of God's prophet?


General Naaman was an important man. An adviser to the king, a general in his armies, a man to take seriously. People showed respect.  But Naaman had a problem, hidden at first, but now even his skin betrayed him - a skin disease that marked him out. It could mean his death - it certainly meant the death of his career, his public respect. 

Naaman was a resourceful man. He had won many battles, both on the field and in the debating chamber, and he wasn’t about to be beaten by a disease.  A little girl in his household said: ‘You should go to the prophet in Israel. He will cure you.’ Now Naaman wasn’t the kind of man to listen to old wives’ tales, or even young ones, but this seemed like the answer he had been looking for.  So the general went to his king, and together they came up with a plan. 

A letter, something suitably impressive, with gold scrolls and serious calligraphy. and, of course, the heavy seal of the king himself. A command, to heal Naaman of his disease.
Well, it all seemed to be going according to plan, until they got near to where the prophet lived.

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