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Advent watching

author: Paul Welch
contributor: Paul Welch


A story about Mike the Merekat watching and keeping a look out based on Luke 21:25-36


Meer Cat talk Getting ready being prepared Advent 1

There was once a group of animals who lived together in a big hole in the ground.

These animals were meer cats and they all looked after each other.

They all made sure they had enough to eat,

They all made sure that they were safe but most of all they looked out for one another.

You see meer cats take it in turns to stand on guard duty outside their home incase anything tried to catch them and try to eat them.

One day a new cub called MIKE came out of the hole in the ground and didn't quite fully understand what he should be doing.

He was a little bit lazy and wanted everything done for him.

When it was his turn to go off and gather food, he used to go to sleep instead under a bush and then just pick a few things up on his way home.

He always complained about having to do stuff, especially stuff that was not just for him.

In fact he hated it when he had to share the food that he had brought in, which wasn't much anyway due o him being asleep most of the time.

One day it was his turn to stand on guard looking out and making sure nothing was coming their way.

Over the past few days he had watched those stood on guard and thought it a doddle of a job.

He thought it was easy because nothing had come anwhere near their home and so saw it as a waste of time just standing there.

On this particular day Mike had only stood for about an hour and he began to get tired.

The warmth of the sun made him drowsy and he could feel his eyes beginning to close.

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